Our curriculum presents learning and growth opportunities through the windows of seasons and holidays and biblical stories and principles. All areas of the Illinois State Board of Education Early Learning Standards are addressed as the teachers use the Bob Jones University Press curriculums, "Pathways for Preschool" and "Footsteps for Fours," in their planning.

Though the children move through a schedule throughout the day, it is flexible and relaxed, with the children playing and learning both in groups and independently. Our goal is to help parents to lay a strong foundation as they prepare their children to move from the familiar circle of home and family into the wider world of school and community life. 

Classroom visitors and field trips to area parks zoos, museums or forest preserves are planned regularly.

The following elements are included in a typical full day’s schedule:

  • Activity Center choice time includes special arts/crafts and math/science activities
  • Bible time is included every day
  • Snack time
  • Group time includes language arts activities such as stories, discussions and music
  • Activities for large muscle development
  • Lunchtime
  • Nap time or quiet reading time for the older school-aged children
  • Snack time
  • Large muscle recess
  • Activity Center choice time
  • Quiet reading or table play at the end of the day as parents come

Morning sessions end before or after lunch, depending on the program. After-school programs include the last five activities listed above as well as Bible time and homework time. Field trips (area parks, library, museums, forest preserves) are also planned frequently and are geared to the child’s interest and attention span.

Some of the goals and objectives that Calvary Children's Center has for preschool children include:

  • Recognizes and names primary colors, basic shapes, numbers 1-10 and many lower-case and upper-case letters
  • Counts and sequences numbers
  • Listens to stories and learns to retell them in sequence, reading picture stories from left to right and top to bottom
  • Dresses self and attends to toilet needs
  • Uses scissors and writing utensils appropriately
  • Participates in finger plays and songs
  • Readily participates in a variety of activities throughout the day
  • Follows simple directions
  • Plays cooperatively with other children, beginning to share and take turns
  • Recognizes that the Bible is God's special book and that it tells about God and his Son, Jesus
  • Learns that God made all things, including themselves, and that he loves them and has a special plan for them